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Blind Grab Gift Pen

Blind Grab Gift Pen

SKU: 366615376135191

There is power in the comfort of an elegant pen.
A customer of mine recently told me that after he signed an important deal on a mortgage. the family he sold it too had seen dozens of loan guys and had dozens of offers in return. 

Out of curiosity he asked why they choose him, and they said it was then pen. This seems odd, but they proceeded to tell him about how when he pulled out his elegant pen for them to use it felt like he actually cares. 

Like they were special, because anyone can get a cheap Bic or something from Walmart. There were reassured he cared, that he wanted them to win, all the way down to the smallest detail. That in a world overrun with technology and phone signatures, the important things hadn't become unrecognizable. 


Not just impressive, but the hand made artisan pen was comforting.


For a limited time, share in that feeling of  delight, comfort and get the revolution in the artistry of pens. Limited to only 30 Blind bag deals!!! At 50% off the normal Price discounted for a limited time.

Made from only the highest quality of hand selected wood kept secret until you open the bag. Will it be Walnut? Maple? imported and blessed by a cardinal olive wood? A hand poured acrylic? It could be anything, but it will be custom made by an expert craftsman. The possibilities are endless.


    These come from my hidden cashe of prototype and stle change pens. they are all elegant but youll never know what your looks like until you get it! there is a wonderful exciment about knowing youre about to get something amazing!


    i do not acept returns or refunds


    ships within 3 days of order

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