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Lavender and lilac

Lavender and lilac

when you set yourself to a task and concentrate you can do amazing things. Now I've always tried my best to make amazing pens. I prefer the eccentric. Because life's to short to write with a shitty pen. 

And when it comes to business... youre gonna wear your khakis and your polo and try and sell. That's the name of the game. But when you whip out your Bic and start running numbers for a client you're exactly like every single other person in your field.

It doesn't matter if you grab a g2 or a zebra or a mass produced Chinese cross pen. (Spoilers all cross pens are made in China,  its why trump loves them so much... actually true story) 

The end result is, your suit or uniform or company shirt... they are all basically the same. So how can anyone expect you to be different? They look for the little things.  Do you actually look like you work? Are your boots clean but worn? Ect. They want to know you actually care and put effort into everything you do not just I put on this polo and gave you a presentation...

Don't get me wrong. I fucking love my the skymaker shirts. But everyone has a shirt. Big names have shirts too, Areta, Hcc, 365Driven. And those are dope shirts too. I actually really like Tony's shirts. But that's not what makes you stand out. 

So how does a someone,  your prospect, know you take pride in every last step? Well it's not a cheap Bic or a five dollar g2 or a 20 dollar cross pen. 

Its those little details. Your pride in every last detail. 

Want to know how I stand out? It's nothing other than an excellent pen. Theres power in that pen. When I'm taking a quote, or talking to a prospect or customer and whip out my pen. The conversation stops, suddenly the price isn't a question. They can see what effort they are getting. The conversation become and I quote "holy shit let me see that pen, that's a really nice pen. Where did you get that..." CP

And then it becomes. "Well it's actually super rare too. There's only one like it in existence. It's hand made from only the most select materials. I made it myself, because the little things matter regardless the size of the job"

There's a power in your pen. Its your last line of defense when someone is on the fence. Do you stand out? Do you go the extra mile, if I need it? The price is about the same how do I know this guy cares more than the last? 

The answer is in your hand... litteraly. With a imported Parker Qwink blue ink, or a converter with your favorite fountain pen color. Don't believe me, ask a friend to show you a pen they have. I can almost guarantee it's just like yours.

That is unless you want to stand out, unless you want to elevate your game, unless you want to show everyone word for word what makes you better than the rest. 

You can do it, and I will help. I believe in you.

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