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Dr Penny brown was one of the most intresting accounting teachers I've ever had. She was this insainly tall black lady who, finished up her second thesis in the semester I had her. 
Well I ran into her at the gas station of all places, and it's amazing who recognizes you and why. But we talked a little about my business,  I mentioned wanting to do a few things in college and how accounting would be helpful. She's no longer a teacher but does accounting for local places.ive always viewed her as a mentor of sorts even though we butted heads.
Out of the blue she gave me some interesting advice. If you ask for guidance or mentorship from someone, and they give advice to others... but what they say to you is "I don't know man I just do stuff and win"... "they are more afraid of your potential because you already posses more qualities that make you better than them. And they don't want you to beat them"

That stuck with me. It hit different than any other advice she's given me.

This pens dedicatedto her in the colors she always used. For the moments you want to make life more memorable and take notes on what drives youonward and upward
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