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She Hulk

She Hulk

Inspired by strife and struggle. She hulk, Jennifer Walter. Elegant purple heart framing hand dyed buck eye burl, trimmed with 24k gold and hand poured emerald resin. 

You see we all have those moments in life, that cause us to grow beyond what we thought possible. Growth enables us to see things in a different light , but growth isn't always easy. 

"When you see a good person, think of becoming like her/him. When you see someone not so good, reflect on your own weak points."


Growth is a magical thing. It's really just something else. It shows us our pitfalls and where we can improve more. From the little things to the grandest. 

Its not always easy though. Quite often it's some of the hardest things we'll ever do. And that's okay, challenges are there for the development of ourselves. I know I've grown, grown tremendously in time I've been on this earth. And the entire time this pen came together I could t help but think of the story of the two grapevines. You see there was once a young man who boldly claimed he was going to be massively successful and went to his grandfather for advice. 

Old grandpa Joe took the boy out and took two grapevines. One planted in a strong ceramic pot and yhe other planted in the yard  

He then asked the boy "which do you think will grow the strongest strongest be the best" 

The boy stopped and thought about it. Thought hard. And said yhe one in the house. It's taken care of and protected and can be watched at any time. 

Old Joe smiled and said it was time for supper, he told the boy to continue to study hard and get good grades and tske care of the grape vine. And he'll understand the advice in time. 

Years went by, and the vines grew. The potted vine got a new pot, beaten by the cat and taken care of as best as a kid could do. And it did fine. The vine grew and spouted a few grapes. Not much but enough to show off the plants life. 

But the vine in the yard beaten by storms, baked in the sun, exposed to the harshness of the world and the bitter truth of the seasons.  Had grown even more. Reinforced its roots and flourished. It wasn't taken care of as well as the potted vine but it had grown 10 times as many grapes. 

Now at 18 the boy once again proclaimed he was going to be massively successful. And asked Old grandpa Joe for advice. Joe smiled and showed him the potted vine. Once it went without water as they were on vacation and the leaves were eaten off by the cat. It was only reported once or twice and didn't really grow beyond that vessel. 

Proudly the boy said look at the grapes. Obviously it's protection and care thar makes one successful. And Joe smiled and pointed to the yard where the other vine grew. Twice as big with ten times as many grapes. 

Carefully Joe pointed out the vine in yhe yard and the harshness of the world. A blizzard, locust, drought, heat. And yet the vine had grown that much more.

Sometimes growth isn't easy, but its always necessary. We cannot grow without challenge and while those challenges might bring us to our knees and leave us almost broken they show us where we need to grow the most. To dig deeper roots, or a stronger base. 

Being protected is a wonderful thing but sometimes comfort stops such growth. Occasionally we must do what scares us. And then we grow the most. 

You can do it, I believe in you.

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