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The Closer

The Closer

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Imagine for a second you're about to close a big deal. That feeling of you're about to sell a house, or a car. Its amazing right! That confidence you did everything in your power to help them get the absolute best offer for them and helped them. 


And you should feel good. You have your best suit on and a crisp tie and your best sunglasses. Now comes the most important part putting ink on that contract. 


This is where it all falls apart. Suddenly youre shuffling papers around. Lifting Manila envelopes. Moving cups and opening drawers... then suddenly it hits you, quickly you run over to the front desk and grab a pen. It's a cheap price of plastic but hey at least it hasn't been chewed on. To bad it says super 8 on the side you tell yourself as you sit down handing them this precious relic. 

Does it even click... shoot your boss only paid like five bucks for a box of 500. If it clicks it might not write... and now you have to let your client deal with this one pen you found... that might not even work. What's that say about you. The humiliation of presenting yourself as a problem solver only to have a cheap pen not work and make problems instead.


Let's scroll back a second... imagine this scenario now. You're about to close the deal, you're in your power suit. Decked out to the nines and have all the confidence.  You're proud of what you've accomplished, you really helped this client. Now it's time for the ink and paper, that final hurdle. 

You can see your coworker about to close a deal too, that's fantastic we all win when we all win right! But you can see the look of panic in his eyes as papers rustle and he bolts to the front desk. Probably the fastest hes ever ran.


A smile on your face as you look at your client. "Let's use the good pen" you say reaching into your suit jacket to pull out a handcrafted pen. Brass finished with stabilized maple,  Honduran rosewood and actual stone. The comfort of that pen in your hand only swelling your pride because even down to the last minute detail you have everything under control. 


Confidence washing over the client as they take that pen and sign along the line. You took care of them to the last second of the transaction and they couldn't be happier. Meanwhile you're effort and dedication to being the one who helps them get exactly what they wanted does more than any commission. 


Meanwhile your coworker just used a lighter to heat the metal tip of the pen to unclog dried ink, and his client looks well... concerned. Imagine that you say to yourself, watching him struggle to regain trust. 

This pen is an elegant fountain pen, sure to add life and vigor you anything you write. 

Ink bottle not included.


    Made with stabalized curly maple, Rosewood and a resin comound to make the most elgant pen to stand out and be seen!


    I dont accept returns or refunds.


    this product sips withing 5 days of order.

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