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The legend Courage

The legend Courage

Measuring in at six inches in length 
Magnetic cap
Refillable converter 
Choose your own ink color!
Custom pen box!


"Courage need nor be remembered,  as it is never forgotten"

Yesterday marked the 35 anniversary of the legend of zelda. A hallmark game in many ways. With each game s delicate retelling of an immortal story. The hero a man of meager means, and humble upbringing.

With greatness thrust upon him is destined to uphold courage and save the princess. 

I relate to link in many ways,  and the series has taught me many life lessons. The most important of which is that in the end, no matter what trial, what tribulations,  what challenges, the princess...

Is always worth it. 

You see it takes courage to do so many things in life,  often enough we feel like a lost child armed only with a wooden sword and told to defeat evil and save the princess.  

But we all started,  we started that journey. Even if a rocky start.  There are good days, and bad days. Days where your friends are the proverbial fairy refilling your hearts. 

Tbats when we need to draw upon yhat courage, this hurdle is only a temple, a dungeon. Sure there's there's boss fight and puzzles. But we started and were going to finish. 

Boom. Next challenge.

We all had the courage to start,  and we don't need to remeber that courage. Because it's never forgotten. It may be tarnished and it may be torn but it's still there.  

And onto the next temple onto the next dungeon. And eventually you have it... you've saves the princess.

Next challenge.

I couksnt help but thinknof the lessons I've learned from the legend of zelda as I made this pen. Those little Osage orange triangles coming together formed just like they are I the game. 

Osage orange. The wood that symbolizes protection. Protection of what we love, protection of what's important, and saving those who are most important. And the courage to protect. Capped with walnut the wood of intelligence. The desire to learn and grow, develop one's self and attain knowledge. 
And trimmed with maple a strong wood of power, the power to stand up, the power to use one's courage, the power to overcome. 

Power. Intelligence. Courage. The meaning behind the triforce. Milled with steel equivalent to sword steel. A master sword of the mind.

This pen means a lot to me, and will mean a lot to whomever it ends up with. Whomever has the courage to pull such a sword from the stone. 

"Courage is what fuels the fire, we must restore that fire occasionally,  but it will never burn out"

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