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The B line drip year three Exclusive Kit

The B line drip year three Exclusive Kit

This set will include 2 pens. The depicted every day carry, a monte blanc styled executive. It will also include a handmade clipboard and desk box.

We all have those magic moments where life just align you celebrate, write thing's down and cascade into a more memorable life.

An exclusive set limited to only 25 numbered sets.

The color a testament to someone special the clarity and color of the soul. Swirls of white mixing in a blend of purpose and truth. Like clouds among the sky on a perfect day.

Strong walnut the wood traditionally used for honesty and communication. A wood used to work through others and put others to shame.

The epitome of the B line drip.

One day there was a time where everyone had a pen. It was a special thing that stated on them. It was important because business is done with a pen.

As pens became cheap and junky and disposable. That trend stopped. And you could get that same g2 every salesman has. It became more disposable and less unique.

Less defined.

Less important.

Now the little things matter again. What phone you use, what jacket. Etc. What's the last thing you notice...

That chewed up junky pen. We all see it. Five for five bucks. Just like that receptionist. A great man once said "if find yourself constantly loosing pens you art spending enough on them."

-Neil Degrass Tyson

Now comes an opportunity. A great one. Stand out and get something only a very small selection can ever have. The year three. A testament to your own growth.

Now imagine your customers. The warmth and emotion they feel with a handwritten letter. A thank you. Using the good pen to sign.

Stop blending in and letting your over ones blend in. Make life more memorable not just for you, but for everyone around you.

Make life more memorable with the skymaker limited edition year 3 set.

Part of this year's special pen launch. It's going to be two pens and a clipboard. This of course is one of the pens. An elegant every day use pen. Strong gold plating and knurled grips.

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